Monday, October 24, 2011

Android Best Performance

Would like to make your SGS at best performance and run smoothly? What you you should do is to monitor your running apps. Make sure it run as minimum as your can. Remove all the unwanted apps that run at the background.

I had facebook only as additional running services. All others services will only activate base on google services or social networking services.

As an example,  previously I had "Smooth Calendar" app running at the background but actually it has features where you don't really need to update it in real-time. It will look for update after an hour. This could save your battery and phone performance.

Another example is, I set my TweetDeck to update manually. Means, when only I want to read, I update the content. Most of the time to save my network data usage, I download it when I'm on WiFi.
Facebook update hourly.
You may check you email update frequency and the rest of your apps.

Save battery..better performance..

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