Tuesday, August 09, 2011

How to install I9000XXJVR Stock

I9000XXJVR from samfirmware. Download here

Attention: Kill all KIES process running on your windows. Check out Task Manager. Odin will fail if KIES services running.

Extract ZIP file downloaded. password: samfirmware.com. Run ODIN. See screen above for file selection.
Phone in the download mode. Volume Down+Home+Power

Click Start...

Not more than 5 minutes. Done. You are upgraded to latest ROM 2.3.4 from Samsung leak STOCK.

 Default home
Power Off Menu

Smooth android browsing, scrolling and file gallery display/file display. Good enough for normal user who complain that their phone running slow in previous android version :)
Quadrant: 1427. Just nice...
As usual, you will lost your APN setting due to this ROM is mainly for Europe. You need to create you own APN base on your local service provider.

Maxis APN
Celcom APN

You wan to ROOT your stock and close enough to stock....wait....I will show you in the next post....after the break...

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