Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to install ODEXED Battery Mod + Extended Power Menu + CRT-Off

Coming soon See below for your I9000XXJVR ROM...

Teaser image
Before. No battery % on the status bar
 AFTER. Battery %
Extended Menu when pressing Power Button

CRT-Off (TV off effect). Set Display >Animation >Some animation / All animations

How to do that?

1. Download this
2. Copy "JVR-ODEXED-BatMod-ExtPowMen-AOSP-Lock.zip" into your phone SD card
3. Reboot recovery
4. Select ZIP file and install

Reboot and enjoy your battery %, extended power menu and CRT-off

You might want to fix auto brightness problem on your phone as well. Download this and execute it in recovery mode.

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  2. ok pokcik,boleh ke mat nk install cam pokcik tulis ni,mat x tau mat punye odex atau deodex...lepas tu,klau nk patah balik ke stock punye bateri icon,boleh ke?

  3. kalau dari stock rom = ODEX
    kalau custom rom= most of them DEODEX

    bateri icon ke apa ke...cari aje theme yg sesuai..

  4. Anonymous11:05 PM

    can we use in galaxy wonder?