Friday, August 12, 2011

How to enable lagfix/ext4 for I9000XXJVR

Download this

Copy the APK into your SD card and run it. It will install apps with the name ext4.

You might have problem where the ext4 manager will tell you that your system is out of storage when it tried to restore. What should I do? Clear system storage by removing a few Samsung apps using Nitrality. Download here. Once you get "/System" nearly 6MB FREE your ext4 manager should be able convert your files to ext4.

Remove/Uninstall Aldiko and AllShare. Samsung Apps to FREE some system space.

 5.2MB FREE. Ready to convert to EXT4. Run ext4 and Click on "Convert to ext4"
Once you have successfully convert your file system to ext4, you should see something like above. All in ext4 format.

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 Good Luck.


  1. Thanx for all the guides... I'm a new Galaxy S user... and found these guides quite useful...

    anyways... I had a question regarding 'lagfix/ext4' - Would I need to undo the lagfix/convert the file system back to RTS once I switch a newer Samsung Firmware via Odin

  2. It's depend on the new firmware. If darky, most of the time it required lagfix to be active/on.

    If you install samsung stock via odin, it will re-partition and all ext4 files will be automatically converted to RFS.

    Newer firmware (JVS) is fast enough. You don't need lagfix :)

  3. I've read that JVS (2.3.5) has a WiFi bug that keeps disconnects the WiFi connection frequently. Is that true? Has that been rectified?

    Also, I have installed JVR, rooted and converted to EXT4. However, I faced a strange problem today.

    If I reboot the phone through CWM into recovery or even a normal reboot the phone fails to boot up... it gets stuck in a reboot loop sequence at the GT-I9000 screen menu.

    Even resetting through recovery does not seem to work. However, if I do a Nandroid backup of the system and then restore the same system backup the phone is back to normal... strange :S

    Any idea wats cozing this issue? could it be the ext4 file system?

  4. I have no wifi problem on JVS stock + semaphore. I made it clean. Reset factory after installing JVS Stock and load semaphore.

    Yes. Some user do report ext4 might corrupt some files which make you unable to boot up.

    Anyway, you have a good practice where you made a backup before any changes :)

  5. ^ tried out the JVS stock + semaphore... sadly the wifi bug is present for me... so I rolled back to previous firmware JVR + root + lagfix/ext4

    However, my quadrant score is a shade below 2000 - but u seem to be getting more juice out of it at 2203..

    are there any more tweaks that I can apply to JVR??

  6. Thanks a lot, I just converted to ext4

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